Ratiotec Smart Protect

Luotettava ja helppökäyttöinen setelintunnistin

The Smart Protect is part of the new generation of our automatic banknote detectors – in a fresh, modern design and with improved
test sensors. With the help of the Smart Protect, banknotes can be veryfied easily, quickly and reliably directly at the POS. The detector with automatic currency recognition does not have any additional features and thus cannot be accidentally adjusted.

The ideal solution if you:

are looking for a compact banknote detector for the POS
want a quick and reliable detection of counterfeits at a low price
are looking for a entry level model and do not need any additional features


  • 100% reliable detection* of counterfeits in less than a second
  • Counterfeit detection: IR | MG | MT | SD | WM | TD | Colour
  • Future-proof thanks to improved test sensors
  • Currencies: EUR | GBP | CHF
  • Automatic currency recognition
  • Clear result due to LED-bar, acoustic warning signal and banknote ejection (suspicious banknote at the back)
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Easy to open and easy to clean
  • New updates via Update Manager (via USB cable) or microSD-card

* This product has been successfully tested: http://www.ecb.europa.eu/euro/cashprof/cashhand/devices/html/results.en.html