M3 SM20

Tehokas Android-käsipääte suurella kosketusnäytöllä

  • Android 11 GMS
  • Adreno 610 GPU
  • 2D-viivakoodinlukija
  • Nopeat datayhteydet
  • Vaihdettava akku isolla kapasiteetilla (Hotswap)
  • 16 MP Auto Focus kamera
  • Kattavat lisävarusteet

M3 Mobile’s SM20 series is the industry’s first rugged full-touch mobile handheld computer with Android 11. Built on the highly successful SM15 series, the SM20 series supports the Android 11 operating system with a high-level high-end CPU design, equipped with a customized displays and smart batteries, and offers many advantages including a 16MP rear camera. In particular, more than 20 accessories are available, providing the best smartphone experience for all employees working indoors and outdoors. Device performance can also be improved and managed with the M3 SPEEDPACK (M3 Application Package). With multiple scanner options, complete battery design, and secure Android security support, the SM20 series are waiting for you.