Elo I-sarja (Windows)

Tyylikäs tietokone Windows-käyttöjärjestelmällä. Jalustoilla ja lisävarusteilla muokattavissa eri käyttötarkoituksiin.

Elo’s I-Series delivers commercial-grade computing, powered by Intel 8th gen processors, with the capabilities, security and enterprise infrastructure of a powerful, Windowsbased platform—all in a sleek, yet durable fixed tablet form factor. For added flexibility, the I-Series offers models with no OS—all pretested with Linux SuSE, Ubuntu and Red Hat operating systems—allowing businesses to get the solution best suited for them.

Built on a modular platform and available with either 15-inch or 22-inch interactive displays, the I-Series for Windows can be found in installations across the globe, from in-store interaction and point-of-sale to self-service, hospitality and corporate office environments. The uses are virtually unlimited.






15-inch I-Series for Windows (2.0)

PCAP Celeron Win10 E691852
PCAP Celeron No OS E692048
PCAP i3 Win10 E850204
PCAP i3 No OS E850003
PCAP i5 Win10 E692244
PCAP i5 No OS E692448

22-inch I-Series for Windows (2.0)

PCAP Celeron Win10 E692640
PCAP Celeron No OS E692837
PCAP i3 Win10 E850591
PCAP i3 No OS E850387
PCAP i5 Win10 E693022
PCAP i5 No OS E693211