The OAS series consists of self-contained optical frame sensors that are housed in a durable, aluminium frame housing which operates in thru-beam mode. The series is available in a variety of frame sizes, ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm, with (OAST) or without (OAS) cross bar construction.

The complete series is available as 3 wire, PNP transistor output with a 24 V dc supply voltage. All models offer sensitivity adjustment and pulse stretching adjustment via integral potentiometers. The complete series offers a high switching frequency of 5000 Hz and high resolution ranging from 0,5 mm to 4,0 mm.

The series is protected against reverse polarity of power supplies and output signals. The output is protected against short circuit and inductive loads.


  • 50 mm to 250 mm frame width
  • Aluminium housing with or without cross bar
  • Plug connection
  • Infrared light source
  • Sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer
  • Pulse stretching adjustment via potentiometer
  • Dynamic or static detection principle
  • Output indicator
  • High tolerance to hostile environments
  • 24 V dc supply voltage
  • 3 wire, PNP output
  • Fast response time
  • High resolution from 0,5 mm

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