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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

All supplied products have manufacturer's warranty. Depending of manufacturer and product warranty periods can be different, usually at least 12 months notwithstanding power supplies; some printing mechanisms also have a limited 6 months warranty period.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions arisen within using the products in conformity with conditions described in user's manuals and using the recommended supplies and consumables.

Non-warranty and post-warranty services are payable according current services price-list, total amount usually depends on costs of spares needed for repairs.

Dosmar Service Department is located in Helsinki, Finland. Return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer. While DOA devices are rare, they do still occur. In case of DOA, you should contact our service department so we can instruct you on how to handle it.

Before sending products for repair, please request a RMA number, using the online form. Our service department will check your information and provide you a delivery address and a RMA-number, which should be mentioned in the shipping documents. Products shipped for repair without a RMA number will not be serviced, they will be returned back to sender with an invoice for the shipment charges.

For prompt and complete repairing, we need a detailed description of the problem; it will save our time and your money. In cases where the described problem is not found, testing and handling charges of 49,50 EUR will be invoiced to the customer.

Otherwise we comply with the conditions on delivery of the Finnish Association of Suppliers of Electronic Instruments and Components ELKOMIT ry.

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